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Student Computing Services: Employment Opportunities

TRAINING IS AVAILABLE! Your interest in helping customers may be more important than your technical skills - depends on the job you apply for. All jobs will provide professional-level training and lots of on-the-job, real-world experience!


Like Hofstra University at large, we are an equal opportunity employer, committed to fostering diversity in its faculty administrative staff and student body, and we encourage applications from the entire spectrum of a diverse community.

SCS - Technical support specialist

Requirements (Training is available): *Customer service skills (previous job experience preferred)

  • Fluent in English and exhibits strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Intermediate to advanced computer technician skills (troubleshooting basic OS problems, network troubleshooting, web browser troubleshooting, commonly used apps)
  • Must be able to identify the common parts of a computer (RAM, LCD, Hard Drive, etc)
  • Must be familiar with both the Apple and Microsoft operating systems. Linux or any alternative operating system knowledge a plus
  • Judgment to escalate appropriately
  • Successful training outcomes


  • Answer phone calls and walk-in visits
  • Solve first-line technical problems with University supported software
  • Appropriately escalate problems as needed to other IT staff
  • Be certified to train people with University supported software to an advanced level (installation and runs; accomplishes specific tasks)
  • Problems need correct, fast solutions; customers need to be educated as well as satisfied.

Training will be provided but hiring preference will be for people who have advanced technical skills (though customer service skills are paramount).

If interested, send your resume to: Daniel Ramirez

SCS - Learning support specialist

Requirements (Training is available):

  • Customer service skills
  • Advanced knowledge of multiple software programs such as Adobe Creative Suite, video and audio editing software, SPSS, SMART Board, and Microsoft Office
  • Copyright compliance training
  • Certified to train people in learning support applications: multimedia production apps, field-specific apps to a basic level (installation and runs)
  • Ability to present in front of small and large audiences


  • Answer calls and walk-in questions about software applications and designated academic activities
  • Produce training materials, classes, and social media communications to educate the student body on digital citizenship topics, multimedia production topics
  • Work with specific classes to complete specific assignments
  • Help coordinate with other tutoring services
  • Questions need helpful answers, pointers to more detailed resources; technician is expected to identify training needs for whole community, cooperate to accomplish them.

Training will be provided but preference will be given to people who have advanced software skills or teaching skills (through customer service skills are paramount).

If interested, send your resume to: Rose Tirotta

SCS - Printing support specialist

Requirements (Training is available):

  • Support all-campus academic printing
  • Independent
  • Responsible


  • Work directly with Manager of Student Computing to maintain distributed printer resources
  • Manage own schedule
  • Identify and escalate problems with professional judgment
  • Printers need to be working all the time; no gaps in service, no customer calls

Training will be provided; candidates must be responsible, professional, capable of solving problems correctly and independently

If interested, send your resume to: James Shuart

SCS - Repair support specialist

Requirements (Training is available):

  • Customer service skills
  • Ability to diagnose and repair software and hardware problems
  • Opportunity for vendor certification for repair
  • Strong research and problem-solving capabilities
  • Experience with Windows and Mac operating system installations


  • Work independent shifts in the Repair Shop and shifts with full-time technicians
  • Repair machines in a timely, efficient, accurate manner

Position will need to coordinate effectively between vendors, full-timers, guidelines for charges and repair, and the customer’s needs and requirements. The goal is to keep all student machines up and running at all times.

Applicants will be required to take a practical test on basic computing skills.

Training will be provided but preference will be given to those with a high level of computer repair skills (Dell, Lenovo, Apple) already.

If interested, send your resume to: Mark Anthony

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